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MoonRocks Stacking + Balancing Wooden Blocks in Mason

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These fun blocks were designed using asymmetrical shapes so you can build + balance towers, arches, mountains, and more. They're not only a fun challenge for kids, but also adults find them fun, too (from our very own experience)!


-Improves coordination: Encourages development of dexterity, logic, and reasoning skills

-Open-ended play: Balancing blocks allow children to build freely and creatively, letting the wonder of imagination run wild.

-Unplugged toy: Kids need hands-on, sensory toys, and these blocks are sure to satisfy. No screens/batteries needed.

-Captivating + challenging: The best toy to keep kids, and the whole family, entertained and happy!

-Safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly building blocks—they're made from wood!

    Set of 8 (2 large and 6 medium). Packaged in a cardboard box. Comes with a fabric bag for storage.

    We use non-toxic, zero-VOC acrylic paints with an eggshell finish.

    Comes in 3 colour sets: Vivi (pink/yellow), Henrik (green/blue/grey/yellow), Mason (red/blue/yellow/grey)

    ***Choking hazard: The items described here may be a choking hazard and are not recommended for children under 3. Children should always be supervised while using.